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About Ratio Plus

Ratio Plus creates and manages F&B concepts that stand out because of their fresh ingredients, quality of service, casual setting, and food that's always prepared on the spot.

Since our launch, we have been satisfying the appetites of a wide range of clients. By cooking up diverse concepts and responding to trends and market needs, Ratio Plus is at the forefront of innovation and has built a solid reputation in the F&B industry in Lebanon and the MENA region.

From one single restaurant in 1998, we now boast a network of restaurants with four different F&B concepts. At Ratio Plus, the client always comes first. This is why we aim at offering value and quality and evolve according to our clients' feedback and expectations.


Expand with us. Explore fresh ventures and reach new horizons. Taste success with Ratio Plus. Ratio Plus believes in partnership and has lucrative franchise opportunities with solid management support each step of the way. With a growing number of franchise outlets abroad, our recipe is one of success. We empower you with first class know-how and resources. We help you choose a location, create customized menus, effectively approach communication and more. Ratio Plus is behind four winning F&B concepts: Chopsticks, Latest Version Diner (LVD), Food Village, and TRI-S. Franchises are available for any of these.