Sweet 66 Factory brings you handcrafted fresh and frozen pastries. Made from the finest ingredients, each of our sweet creations has distinctive flavour. Get your kicks on route to this destination for the best, premium quality cakes. Using the exclusive recipes of an award winning pastry chef and the highest standards in food safety and hygiene, Sweet 66 Factory is your road to satisfaction.

Sweet 66 Factory offers a wide range of fresh and frozen pastries and cakes available in bites, bars and cake sizes. Each is freshly prepared and is made from premium ingredients using the best recipes:

Round and square cakes, Individual cake bars, Cheesecakes bars and cakes, Petit fours, Frozen ice cream cakes, Ice creams, Tarts, Muffins, English cakes and cupcakes, Éclairs, millefeuille and pate a choux, Cakes and pastries with fruit, mousse, cream and many other fillings, Gluten-free goodies.

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